Our History

My name is John Hanna and I run Pros in Control Pest Services. We are based in New Jersey but cover all surrounding areas including Manhattan, Brooklyn,Queen,Staten Island,Bronx & Long Island . I have been a professional pest control technician for 14 years now and have a bucket load of knowledge and experience in dealing with all kinds of pests.

I am passionate about pest control as for me its not just a job, its my livelihood. I always go that extra mile to not only remove your unwanted pests, but to prevent any future infestation.

We believe that local independent pest controllers provide a more quality service at reasonable rates, as the larger “nationwide” companies often overcharge. This is partially because of their large overheads including expensive advertising and branding campaigns! Very often, the expertise is not what it should be!

Please keep in mind that a local independent pest controller has to keep their customers happy as their livelihood at stake!

Pros in control pest services

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  • We guarantee our jobs
  • If pests return between our treatments ,we will return for no extra cost .
  • we will Integrated pest management program for your pest problem .