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rodent pest management
Rodents Control

Rodent Pest Management Demands a Specialized Multi Pronged Approach

With rodents round the corner, the possibility of bacterial outbreaks and infectious diseases looms large in your house. They leave no stone unturned to make it to their destination by nibbling, chewing and cutting through the toughest inroads- unsealed plumbing access, gaps, etc. Their common hideouts happen to be places where there is unhindered access to food. This leaves us with a worrisome situation owing to its inherent trait to contaminate food while foraging on it. Human consumption of such foul stuff can be fatal, causing deadly diseases like tuberculosis.

Possessing the quality to multiply in no time, rodent pest management becomes imperative in case of an infestation of any scale. Sustainable solutions towards mitigating them often include professional expertise when the common baits and traps fail to demonstrate results.

Immediate Rodent Pest Management Action is Essential to Uproot Infestation

As soon as you trail rat or mice droppings in and around your house, immediately take stock by using over- the- counter chemicals available. You have to be extra cautious while making the right selection, as there are chances that even licensed vendors sell banned solutions. First generation coagulants that are restricted by the EPA since 2008, can be highly reactive if ingested by humans. This compels individuals to approach professionals who are proficient in strategizing rat and mice control solutions, while taking care of your safety.
We, at Pros in Control, have been incessantly delivering rodent pest management services across New Jersey, earning the trust of people around us through successful interventions.

We are Dedicated towards helping you Get Rid of Rodents

In comparison to branded labels, we believe in offering rodent pest management program at lowest rates possible, in order to help individuals avail our services within stipulated budget. Our experts use the safest exterminating agents assuring a harmless and effective wipe out, with focus on personal safety.

The above approaches that have been designed after years of experiencing custom demands by clients, sets us class apart from our competitors.
rodent pest management

Frequently Asked Questions about Rodent Pest Management

Q1: How can I identify a rodent infestation? A: Signs include rodent droppings, gnaw marks, and unusual noises at night.

Q2: Are rodents a health risk? A: Absolutely. Rodents can carry diseases harmful to humans, making prompt control critical.

Q3: Can I tackle rodent control on my own? A: While DIY methods exist, professional control is often more thorough and long-lasting.

Q4: How can I prevent rodent infestations? A: Seal entry points, store food securely, and maintain cleanliness. Regular inspections help catch problems early.

Q5: How quickly can Pros In Control respond to my rodent problem? A: Our team is ready to act swiftly to your call, ensuring prompt and effective service.


Don’t let rodents take control of your property in Jersey City and the surrounding areas . With Pros in Control Pest Services, you have a reliable local partner in addressing rodent problems swiftly and effectively. Contact us today at (201)744-2887 or (718)880-7995 .Visit our website at for a rodent-free living or working environment.